Law 11/2007, of 22 June 2007, concerning public access by electronic means to public services, recognises and regulates the right of citizens not to submit data and documents already in the possession of public administrative bodies.

In applying this legislation, the IRL has established that the user authorises it to consult other administrative bodies as necessary as soon as he or she uses the virtual head office for the purposes of a procedure.

The consultations the IRL may make are:

  1. Certificate of compliance with tax obligations to the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT) and other tax certificates (economic activity tax [IAE) and Identification Data).
  2. Certificate of compliance with obligations to the Government of Catalonia (ATC).
  3. Certificate of compliance with obligations to the Social Security General Treasury (TGSS).
  4. National Identity Document (DNI).

The telematic consultations that the IRL may carry out without authorisation from the user are:

  1. Data in the Mercantile Register
  2. Data in the Register of Entities
  3. Data in the Register of Co-operatives