1. The generic application can be submitted at any time.
  2. The application form can be accompanied by a maximum of four documents related to the situation as outlined.
  3. Prior to the submission of the generic request, the applicant must verify that there are no procedures associated with the application to be submitted to the Virtual Office of the IRL. If there is a specific procedure, an application must be made following the indications of procedure.
  4. The computation of time, regarding the obligation of government to solve the request, is performed according to the provisions of the law of administrative procedure. In any case, if a petition is part of a process with specific deadlines, the terms that mark the corresponding procedure should be taken into account.
  5. The effective date of start of the calculation must be notified by the entity.
  6. The electronic registry entry date will be considered as valid for purposes of calculating deadlines.
  7. The official electronic registry date and time for the purposes of calculating deadlines, is the date and time official in Catalonia.


  Online grant application process using a generic petition(for procedures without specific form)   Guide for credentials request (only for applicants with fiscal residence abroad)